【Spooky】Halloween Pumpkin 3D Chocolate Pinata

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今個萬聖節,不給糖就搗蛋!以像真度極高既南瓜造型,係個食得打得又睇得既敲敲朱古力,大力扑碎後會有滿滿的軟糖和朱古力隨即湧出,相當驚喜!外殼選用58%比利時朱古力,裡內有各式各樣既軟糖同朱古力,如麥提沙、熊仔橡皮糖、聰明豆、Jelly Beans等等,當中包括自家製萬聖節造型朱古力,有得食有得玩!


Name | 【Spooky】Halloween Pumpkin 3D Chocolate Pinata
Size| 4.5 inch
Ingredients | 58% Chocolate, 30% White Chocolate, Maltesers, Haribo Gummy Bear, Smarties, Jelly Bean
How to Store| Refrigerated, can store up to 2 days
How to eat| Prior to consumption, rest in room temperature for 15 min after taken out from the fridge
How to collect| Free pick up at all Orchid Padaria Bakery / Specific MTR station +$10 / Delivery to destination (COD on quotation)

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